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Research facilities

More and more project tenders also require industry 4.0 competencies. Research institutions often have far-reaching subject-specific competencies, but not an industry 4.0 research focus. This creates disadvantages in the application process. With our Research and Application Center Industry 4.0 we are at your disposal as a competent project partner.

Software provider

As a software provider, you may face the challenge of presenting the integration and benefits of your software solution in the industrial 4.0 environment to interested parties and customers. As a rule, integration into the real processes of the individual participants is not possible. With our Industry 4.0 Research and Application Center, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your software in a flexible and application-oriented manner in order to better demonstrate the range of functions and create trust.

Manufacturing company

Many production companies are aware of the necessity of integrating industry 4.0 into their own processes, but there is often a lack of ideas about concrete measures or a valid determination of the expected benefits. In the Research and Application Center Industry 4.0 you can test different scenarios of your processes with little effort and thus determine the best variant for you.

Hardware provider

As a provider of hardware solutions, you are probably often faced with the challenge of presenting the integration of your products into the industry 4.0 context in a practical way and demonstrating a concrete benefit. The Industry 4.0 Research and Application Center gives you exactly what you need. Show your customers and interested parties which industry 4.0 potentials can be leveraged with your products using concrete processes that you can freely select.

Educational Provider

Successful and contemporary education requires the use of modern learning tools. Our demonstration environment offers a highly flexible infrastructure that can be configured for different purposes and scenarios. Typical areas of application include qualification in the learning factory, the learning factory as a didactic concept and industry 4.0 educational evaluation.