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Learning Factory

Didactic concept

The Learning Factory in the Industry 4.0 Research and Application Centre focuses on an employee-oriented approach to the Industry 4.0 concept. In further training projects, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own working environment and possible changes with the help of practical experience gained. This is already a first step towards sensitisation.

Overview of topics and target groups

One-day or several-day training courses, workshops and further training measures on a variety of topics for developing skills and educating employees about industry 4.0 for companies, trade unions - but also for schools and second chance education - are offered in the learning factory of the Industry 4.0 Research and Application Centre. In addition to human-centered and automated production, the industrial Internet of Things or organizational principles and control processes, the focus is on the development of various competence facets and industry 4.0-induced opportunities at the strategic corporate level.

Exemplary presentation - learning in scenarios

Learning scenarios as a supporting didactic element of the Research and Application Centre 4.0 enable target group-oriented training and further education measures for all participants. In particular, the application and experience of practical scenarios are in the foreground. These address problems formulated in advance and thus encourage the participants to actively reflect. Particular attention will be paid to the continuous integration of IIoT technologies (AR glasses, tablets), which can also be found in real production environments of the future.